Does the Calibration Station validate calibration of combination or rafter squares?

Yes you can use the Calibration Station to validate these types of squares. See how this is done in the pictures below.

Angled Rafter Square Long Side Calibration Station Combination square calibration station rafter angle square calibration station


Do you accept returns of the Calibration Station?

Yes, but you must pay for return shipping costs.


Does the Calibration Station conform to NIST standards?

Yes. Every Calibration Station comes with a certificate of conformance to let you know that it is built according to NIST standards.


Does the Calibration Station need to be sent in every year to be calibrated?

No. The Calibration Station is designed to be mounted and adjusted as needed. Just use a calibrated level once a year to ensure the station is mounted correctly. The wing nuts on the mounting brackets can be adjusted as necessary.