Daily Archives: April 20, 2014

Why You Need the Calibration Station

Quality control can be costly and timely. Trying to keep up verifying if all your employees’ squares, tape measures and levels are calibrated can be quite the challenge. But whether your company is ISO or not, quality audits from customers always include checking tool calibration and whether it’s kept up-to-date. Until now companies have had three options to deal with this:

  1. Don’t do it and take a hit during audit time.
  2. Hire more quality control inspectors to go find the tools to check calibration
  3. Have employees bring tools to the quality control room to be checked.

You’re here because you don’t like option 1, but options 2 and 3 are inefficient, costly and the cut into manufacturing time of employees.

The Calibration Station provides the third way–one that is efficient and affordable.

The station allows employees to check the calibration of their tools at their own convenience. All the quality control department needs to do is calibrate the station once a month. No more chasing down tools or employees.

And that’s why you need the Calibration Station. Save your company money and your employees time. Order a station today!